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Fri Sep 1, 2017Monte VistaAway7:00pmLoss: 8 - 31
Fri Sep 8, 2017AspenHome7:00pmLoss: 0 - 40
Fri Sep 15, 2017Vail ChristianHome7:00pmWin: 28 - 12
Fri Sep 22, 2017Gunnison Away7:00pmN/A -
Fri Sep 29, 2017PaoniaAway7:00pmN/A -
Fri Oct 6, 2017OlatheAway7:00pmN/A -
Sat Oct 14, 2017MeekerAway7:00pmN/A -
Fri Oct 20, 2017Grand ValleyHome7:00pmN/A -
Fri Oct 27, 2017HothckissHome7:00pmN/A -

Junior Varsity

Mon Sep 11, 2017Plateau ValleyHome4:00pmN/A -
Mon Sep 18, 2017PaoniaHome4:00pmN/A -
Mon Sep 25, 2017OlatheHome4:00pmN/A -
Mon Oct 9, 2017PaoniaAway7:00pmN/A -
Mon Oct 16, 2017HotchkissAway4:00 pmN/A -
Mon Oct 23, 2017OlatheAway4:00pmN/A -
16Blake GashSeniorVarsityWR/DB
21Kacey TsosieSeniorJunior VarsityATH
87Dylon GartmanSeniorVarsityWB/ILB
77Geoffrey HiebSeniorVarsityOL/DL
80Baylee PiperSeniorVarsityWR/DB
66Jayce CormierSeniorVarsityOL/DL
20Craig ClaunchSeniorVarsityRB/DB
51Sean PittSeniorJunior VarsityOL/DL
34Ty GrantSeniorVarsityRB/DB
11Drew MarkleySeniorVarsityWR/DB
30Jordan McMillanSeniorVarsityWR/DB
25Andrew RichardsonSeniorVarsityWR/DB
15Pedro MadelenoSeniorVarsityQB/DE
73Cole BurrowJuniorJunior VarsityATH
4Sterling DurfeeJuniorJunior VarsityWR/DB
54Toby WaddellJuniorVarsityOL/LB
8Wade BernardJuniorVarsityRB/LB
60Taj VanderlindeJuniorVarsityOL/DL
78Joe EilerJuniorVarsityOL/DL
5Jared ReynoldsJuniorVarsityQB/LB
53Austin CrawfordJuniorVaristyOL/DL
24Ryan ImhoffSophomoreVarsityWR/OLB
27Zach McMillanSophomoreJunior VarsityWR/DB
32Joshua JenkinsSophomoreVarsityRB/OLB
7Angelo FriasSophomoreJunior VarsityATH
33Bobby Meeker SophomoreJunior VarsityATH
55David LopezSophomoreVarsityOL/DL
62Nate RynersonSophomoreJunior VarsityATH
75Caleb Barardi SophomoreJunior VarsityOL/DL
65Brody WagnerFreshmanJunior VarsityOL/DL
67Blake TullisFreshmanJunior VarsityOL/DL
63Derek (Papi) SanchezFreshmanJunior VarsityOL/DL
57Chris MeyersFreshmanJunior VarsityOL/DL
56Cris AlejandreFreshmanJunior VarsityOL/DL
0Mykel RossFreshmanJunior VarsityOL/DL
28AJ RobldouxFreshmanJunior VarsityRB/LB
2Sterling BrownFreshmanJunior VarsityWR/DB
10Jacob BrownFreshmanJunior VarsityQB/LB
23Cameron QuickFreshmanJunior VarsityRB/LB

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